Macska hogyan lehet pénzt keresni, YouTube Announces New Artist-Friendly Features

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YouTube, a social media platform once heralded solely for its ability to amuse viewers by way of cat videos, is now considered the largest streaming service on the Internet. From there, TuneCore — your YouTube Partner — can collect the revenue you might be missing out on when an ad is placed on your channel or when your music is featured in user-generated videos.

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We love having the ability to collect revenue on behalf of our artists. We love sharing data, like number of views and the URLs of the videos that use their music, with artists.

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And now, with YouTube For Artists, TuneCore Artists will soon be able to drive their career in new directions based on real time metrics. In the coming weeks or months, YouTube will debut an analytical tool that will provide viewer information on a city level, with data going back to fall of This should help artists plan tours or which time zone to release an upcoming video.

So instead of behind-the-scenes analytics, TuneCore Artists, who sign up with our YouTube Sound Recording Revenue collection servicewill also be able to show their stats to decision makers, sponsors or macska hogyan lehet pénzt keresni in the music and entertainment world who seek more information.

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YouTube has certainly come a long way as a platform for artist promotion.

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